about Wine Talk

I love wine, as much as I love listening to a fabulous yarn, well-told.

My wine career began with organic and biodynamic wine specialist, Vintage Roots. It was the dream start, giving me experience in pretty much every aspect of the trade. I learnt a lot, laughed as much, and made life-long friends. When the time came to spread my wings, I decided to give wine journalism a go. I had a weekly wine column and secured commissions in wine magazines too, but truthfully, I couldn’t make it pay. So, Wine Talk was born.

For two decades I’ve been writing wine content for journals, wine independents and wholesalers. I’ve travelled much (if not all) of the wine world, judging, accompanying buyers and leading tours. It has been, and continues to be, a great job. It’s also one I do well.

I believe fervently that wine should be fun, and that ‘wine experts’ like me are at our most engaging when we share our knowledge with a light touch, and a sense of humour.

As well as experienced, I’m qualified too. I have two MAs in the bag. One in French Language (University of Aberdeen) and the other in European Cultural Theory (University of Warwick). I also have the WSET Diploma. My French is fluent, while Italian is a work in progress. I can follow wine basics in Spanish, though probably shouldn’t be let loose in the bar without some sort of translation support!

Outside of the wine cellar, I’m quite often in the kitchen. Otherwise, I’ll be hanging out with my much-loved horse, immersing myself in the magical sounds of The Wigmore Hall, or chinwagging with pals.