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She can do worse than celebrate with an epic Champagne jeroboam!

One of the great joys about the world of wine is the delight in making new discoveries, and then having a chance to share them! Even better when the sharing can be done from a large format bottle, such as a magnum or jeroboam.

Anyone who knows anything about my wine buying habits will know that I am a big fan of Savage Selection, a terrific wine company, based in Northleach. Owned and run by the brilliantly knowledgeable and fun, Mark Savage MW, it is a treasure trove of wine delights. It was through Mark that I came to know the Champagnes of François Secondé.

Located in Sillery, this is a family domaine that delivers sparkling thrills (and spills) for a sliver of the cost of their more famous neighbours. I love them! It was also tickling to learn that François had bought his first vineyard parcel in 1972, the year of my birth. The family are the only grower and producer of pure Sillery Champagne.

I’ve worked my way through more than a handful of bottles of the estate’s Brut Grand Cru, a 75% Pinot Noir / 25% Chardonnay blend. Beautifully balanced, with toasted brioche and baked white orchard fruits, the mousse is fine and persistent. Just wonderfully classy.

I took the chance to visit the Secondé stand at the Paris Wine Fair at the start of 2022, birthday in mind. At the time I was really thinking about a pair of magnums, perhaps a trio. However, I was thwarted by falling head over heels in love with the Brut Rosé. It was flavoursome, textural, floral, and fruity. The mousse was creamy and elegant and, well, I just had to have it.

(Mock) horror! There were no magnums available. Step forward the possibility of a jeroboam (four bottles in one). The idea was entirely irresistible. Budget blown; I might as well do it in style, I thought… The jeroboam, not a regular feature of Mark’s orders, meant putting in a special request when I got home.

I cannot tell you how grateful I am that the team at Françoise Secondé and Savage Selection were able to make it happen. With just a day to spare, the majestic bottle arrived in bond and was delivered on the morning of the birthday bash itself.

We drank a range of really exceptional wines that day, but the jeroboam of Brut Rosé will live as long as the memory allows. Very special.

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